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Circle of Gratitude

Thank you so much to the following kind people who provide generous support to my writing ministry.

  • Aaron Pope
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  • Andrea DiBenardo
  • Ann McChesney-Young
  • Bill Hobbs
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  • Brett Folkman
  • Carole Lacour
  • Cassidy Hall
  • Cathy Flores
  • CeCe Balboni
  • Clare Openshaw
  • Coralie Yates
  • Cruz Puga
  • C.H.
  • Cynthia Lee
  • Dan Peterson
  • Darrell Grizzle
  • Fr. David L. Jones
  • Donald McColman
  • Donald Wallace
  • Donna Brown
  • Eileen E.
  • Ellen Gadberry
  • Freda Iverson
  • Gail Hoffman
  • Gina Colaianni
  • Heather Adams
  • Heather Allen
  • Iris Emelie O. Trinidad
  • Jack Mooney
  • Jan Elvee
  • Jan S.
  • Janet Gardiner
  • Jim French
  • John Holmes
  • Jon Flory Schrock
  • Jorge Suarez
  • Joy Kodani
  • Julie Bond
  • Julie Cheek
  • Ken Hatcher
  • Kevin Omi
  • Kwanjin
  • LaVerne K. Brown
  • Linda
  • Linda Marie Harsila
  • Linda Mitchell 
  • Lori Wilson Snaith
  • Louis Erste
  • Margarita Noyes
  • Mark Donato
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Martin Shuck
  • Matthew Lipscomb
  • Miriam Hollar
  • Nancy O’Neill
  • Nancy Stimac
  • Noel Young
  • Patricia Kennington
  • Patricia McKenna
  • Paul Bozymowski
  • Paul D. Hierholzer
  • Paul Wheeler
  • Petrus Byl
  • Richard McKeever
  • Richard Zelley
  • Robert Harcourt
  • Ronald Dion
  • Sara Holliday
  • Susan M. Dewberry
  • Terri Blair
  • Treva H. Whichard
  • Victoria Boyle
  • William H. Eisner
  • William Walker

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