Get Kindle Versions of My Books for as Low as 99¢! (Limited Time Offer)

Friends, three of my books are currently on sale as Kindle e-books in the USA. Act now for a chance to get these books at a deep discount. These prices are accurate as of October 24, 2020 — no guarantees as for how long these sale prices will last (If you’re outside the USA, my apologies — but check the Amazon website for your country, you never know when a book might be on sale).

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism is available on sale for only 99¢! If you’re interested in exploring the mystical tradition within Christianity, or just would like to check out my writing, here’s a great way to get one of my bestselling books for less than a dollar. To order your copy of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism on Kindle, click here.

Answering the Contemplative Call, my book for anyone who is just beginning to explore the spirituality of Christian contemplation and mysticism, is currently on sale for the Kindle for only $4.95 — a savings of 70% over the paperback list price! Explore what contemplative spirituality is, and the practical steps you can take to get started on this ancient path of inner transformation. To order your copy of Answering the Contemplative Call on Kindle, click here.

Unteachable Lessons is my most recent (and personal book), in which I explore a central paradox of Christian spirituality: that wisdom is not something we can systematically teach to one another: spirituality is something that can be learned, but can’t be taught. To shed light on this paradox, I share lessons from my own life journey. This book is now available on the Kindle for only $5.41 (a savings of 65% over the paperback price) — but once again, this sale price could disappear at any time. To order your copy of Unteachable Lessons on Kindle, click here.

If you already own these books, I thank you (but you could always order them as a gift for someone!). Whether you’re new to my work and have been following me for a while, I hope you enjoy the books — and I hope you can take advantage of this sale.


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