Spirit of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses


Discover the spirituality of the old Celtic myths



The Spirit of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses explores the mythic wisdom of the ancient Celts, with an eye to how neopagans and others interested in the ancient myths continue to find spiritual meaning in these archetypal figures.

A statement from co-author Carl McColman:

I wrote this book with a good friend, Kathryn Hinds; the first edition was published in 2005. It’s been out of print for a while, and Kathryn passed away after a brief illness in 2018. I’m sorry she isn’t here to see this beautiful new edition featuring an introduction by Courtney Weber and lovely cover art by Thalia Took.

If you are interested in Celtic mythology or Celtic neopaganism, you’ll enjoy this book. And if you are just curious to see what was bouncing around in my head around the year 2004, then check it out. It’s an old friend — and like many old friends, I no longer see entirely eye-to-eye with it. But I’m willing to accept that, and value it as a chapter of my story. If you choose to read it — for whatever reason — I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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