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Readers like you make this blog possible. When you make a pledge to support this blog, you not only have the satisfaction of knowing you are partnering with me to keep quality contemplative writing available online, but you also get exclusive “first look” access at my new writing — including poetry, meditation, and encouragement for your ongoing contemplative practice. Depending on your level of support, you may also have first-look access to new videos, complimentary enrollment in online courses offered through my blog, and even the opportunity to participate in online retreats or spiritual direction.

After much consideration (and prayer!), I chose Patreon to facilitate financial support for my blog. Patreon is a website where you can support writers and other artists like me — people who are engaged in on-going creative work.

My blog is a forum devoted to Christian mysticism and contemplative spirituality. I write about the wisdom of the great Christian mystics of the past, the practices that can help you foster a meaningful contemplative practice in your life, and related topics (such as interfaith dialogue). I also regularly publish reviews of books related to contemplation and mysticism.

I began this blog very much as a hobby, because this is a topic dear to my heart. By the grace of God, I’ve had the opportunity to write several books and out of that I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to lead retreats and give talks at churches, monasteries and even seminaries. Contemplation and mysticism are important topics, and both practicing Christians and people who identify as spiritual-but-not-religious want to learn more about the rich heritage of Christian mysticism and contemplation.

This blog fills an important niche. It takes time to maintain it and to continue developing, writing and publishing new material. I am excited about the many ways I can continue to develop the blog. Because of the time commitment that a blog entails, I need support from readers like you who have found this blog helpful on your spiritual journey.

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You can make a monthly pledge in any amount on Patreon. Even just ten dollars a month gives you access to all the exclusive “first look” content that patrons get to see first. But truly, any amount is welcome — starting at just a dollar a month (in fact, I encourage patrons to keep their pledged amount small, since that is more sustainable over the long haul).

When you make a pledge, you become part of the team — a team of patrons who join with me in the conviction that mysticism and contemplation are what Christians need, and what the world needs. Because of the support of patrons, I will be able to continue publishing new material, and hopefully expanding the voice (and reach) of this blog, to get the word out about mysticism and contemplation to others.

I regularly get emails from readers who tell me how important contemplation and mysticism is to their spiritual life. How many people are there who are in the same boat, but haven’t discovered the tradition of Christian mysticism — yet? Perhaps this blog will help them.

So please — help me to keep writing about these topics we both love so much. Become a Patreon patron today!

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  • All patrons, at any level, receive a monthly newsletter from me, just for patrons;
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  • Pledge $10 or more per month, and in addition to the above you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with tips and reflections and living the contemplative life more deeply;
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Together we can make a difference.

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Your humble blogger...
Your humble blogger…

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